Moments (2008)

by Give

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released November 25, 2007

Words & Music by Give

Vocals, piano and flute: Caroline St-Louis
Guitars, bass, drums, vocals and programming: Stephan Ritch
Cellos on Given: Julie-Odile Gauthier-Morin & Philippe Flemming
Electric fretless bass on Sound: Stephane Petrocca
Upright bass and percussions on Circle: Stephane Petrocca
Choir on Circle: Caroline St-Louis, Stephan Ritch, Carina Caputo, Stephane Petrocca and Martin Joly.

Ce projet à été possible grâce au soutient de Jeunes Volontaires ainsi que la Fondation du Maire de Montréal pour la Jeunesse.
(c) 2007 La Maison Give.



all rights reserved


Give Montréal, Québec

The Montreal band GIVE is a collective created by singer Caroline St-Louis and Stephan Ritch in 2000.

Le groupe Montréalais GIVE est un collectif créé par Caroline St-Louis et Stephan Ritch en 2000.

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Track Name: Mon coeur est une bombe
Pour avoir plus à faire que de regarder en l’air
Et attendre que le ciel tombe
J’ai remplacée mon cœur par une bombe
Pour avoir plus à faire que de regarder par terre
Les gens se piétiner tous en trombe
J’ai remplacée mon cœur par une bombe

Et elle va exploser d’un moment à l’autre
Et quoi qu’il advienne, sans peine
Affronterons-nous le rouge du ciel
De tout son fiel

Sans être retardée elle va exploser d’un moment à l’autre
Et faire de moi une pluie de petites flammes
Le feu réchauffera vos âmes de sa lame

Mon cœur est une bombe
Remplie d’amour à l’infini
Lorsqu’elle explose nul ne tombe
C’est un baume qui guérit
Plus besoin de se fondre à l’ombre
J’ai remplacée mon cœur par une bombe

Nul ne tombe, s’éteint
Track Name: Given
A brand new day as come
The last we’ll ever know complete
As we see it
I dreamt of a better place
With no one in distress
Oh please, make it real

All the words written
And all the steps chosen
For those who were broken
To guide them in the right direction

I rest my head so I can see you better
Up there seeing clear
You know the world shook today
The land has been washed away
To sea, with parts of me

There will be no more fear
And no hunger
Please, come here
And whisper in my ear
It’s time to leave
Track Name: Mouths
There something I meant to say yesterday
It’s lost its meaning
What’s inside I don’t want to hide
I’m afraid it might make my river run dry

I’ll just let go
I’ll just let go my head

I’m fighting against my fears
Once again I’ve lost my patience
And I’m struggling
With the things that I can control from happening

Then just let go, I’ll just let go
My heart knows the way to flow
To untangle the knot down my throat
And let the light glow
So I can tell you what I know
And say what I mean
Do you know what I mean?
Track Name: Circle
Did you ever wonder why everything happens for a reason?
Did you ever wonder why everything happens for a reason?
For every boy and every girl there’s a place in this world
For every boy and every girl a way to provide for this world
Did you ever wonder why somehow you feel empty inside?
Did you ever wonder why you feel something is missing inside?

There’s too much surrounding you
Too much is around
There’s too much surrounding you
Too much is around

There are too many colors in you
That can’t seem too find a way through
Let it out, let them out, let it out, and let it all out!
Track Name: Courir
J’avance avant l’homme, avant de n’être qu’un point
Je croque la pomme par envie d’aller plus loin
Je veux être de taille à me mesurer à mes ambitions
Plonger et avoir assez de souffle pour toucher le fond

Ici le silence n’est pas encore habité
Comme si son essence tenait à se conserver
Je danse dans le vide au milieu du salon
Je chante en silence pour habiter ma maison

C’est pas parce qu’on va mourir qu’on va vivre
Mais on va tout faire pour y arriver
Moi je voudrais courir et surtout pas suivre
Laissez-moi m’essouffler, laissez-moi y arriver

Le vent frappe à ma porte et m’emporte loin
De ce qui me tient par l’intérieur
Cette frayeur, je la chanterai fort une fois dehors
Une fois dehors, j’aimerais

Pouvoir chanter dans toutes les cages d’escaliers
Et résonner, résonner jusqu’à perpétuité
Mieux encore, dans toutes les Églises
Sans s’annoncer pour garder la surprise

C’est pas parce qu’on va mourir qu’on va vivre
Mais on va tout faire pour y arriver
Célébrer la vie sans se déconstruire
Aller dehors s’il va pleuvoir and we’ll be signing in the rain, just signing in the rain

Parce que si le destin de notre Terre est de rejoindre un trou dans l’Univers, rien ne sert de mener une vie amère.
Track Name: New Beginning
Like a summer rain
Like a day that lasts all night
Like never before
Like I forgive you, I forget

Like it never really happened
Like everything is still in motion
In the stillness of the room
Of the moment

Look something is going on
There’s no need for me to claim that I’m not to blame
When the fingers are all pointing at me, they’re pointing at me

Sometimes it all seems right to take it all upon ourselves and not to deny
I think it adds a certain quality to life
And I see everything as a new beginning

Like a fresh scent of jasmine in a garden
Like a bird singing its melody in the early morning
Like a new table for old chairs
Like a glimpse of hope in the middle of despair
Like how long it takes now to climb up the stairs
Track Name: Hold my hand
I’m so stunned by how we people
Seem to like to stand in the mud
And seem to enjoy the way our sticky feet try to walk
But stays in the exact same place

Try to read my face as you try to justify
Try to read my eyes as I see you sink to the bottom again
Can’t you respect yourself? Love yourself?

I see the grace that god gave
But each time we try to hide it
Each time we try to erase it

If you’d fit the gloves of your acts
You know it wouldn’t be that bad
But the thing is they are way too small
And you try to put them on
They are so tight, it squeezes all the rain out of you
It squeezes all the rain that’s been sleeping deep inside of you

How many vows will you have to break?
Aren’t you suppose to live by those you take
Maybe I don’t understand you know, it could be my mistake
Because I won’t dive in your waters no, I prefer to skate

Can’t you stay intact?
Do you really have to live like that?
Enter your bubble
And start patching each and every hole
Then install the mirrors
Try to read the wrinkles on your face
These cuts are only minor
So please try to find that sparkle of grace

Once you get a hold of it, help it grow and never let it go…never, never let it go
Track Name: Fallowed by the sound
I’m being followed by the sound
Of the wind telling me to calm down
But by the time I turn around
It’s gone and I’m missing the words to calm down

Some teachers of my past have past away
Leaving at sea their treasures of sounds and I pray
To be connected to the life I see
To sing its feelings and hope it will come down on me
Come down on me
Track Name: In the breeze
I’m here, still, you know
You can’t see me, but it is me that you feel
I won’t haunt you by doing that creaking sound on the floor
I won’t be living here anymore
Remember to always be strong
Because you know I can’t stay too long

I need to leave now, but you need to go on
If you need me I’ll be in the breeze
And it will be me, playing with your hair
It will be me, caressing your face
It will be me, drying all your tears
There in the breeze, you will feel me

Don’t be afraid now
I never was there to tell you what to do
You were the one who knew all along
That you could survive on your own
You can always ask yourself
What would she do?
But believe when your inner voice says:
She trusts in you